This community organization was created for short-term rental owners and operators. This organization is dedicated to listening to the concerns of members from all of Sonoma County. We will advocate for our members with government agencies, cities, and the county for the fair and reasonable treatment of STR owners and operators.

The purpose of "STRAA" is to:

  • Establish a means to broadly communicate information to all STRAA members
  • Provide a forum for STRAA members to raise issues and provide input to members of the government agencies, city councils, and Boards of Directors
  • Increase transparency regarding the governance of the Short Term Rentals
  • Seek common ground in addressing issues to balance the interest of short-term rental owners and operators and the public. 
Santa Rosa recently passed an urgency ordinance severely restricting the operation of short-term rentals which may force many operators out of business. The CIty failed to listen to the STR community and passed an unenforceable and probably illegal law that violates the civil rights of STR owners and operators.

This organization seeks to unite interested parties and to demand reforms in the laws to allow peaceful, reasonable, and equitable operation of Short Term Rentals in Sonoma County.

Join us and provide your input and expertise so we can get a fair shake and representation for our interests.

It is the goal of the STRAA to help inform its members and the public of significant issues affecting short-term rentals and to help mediate a solution to issues before they rise to the level of litigation. 

The STRAA organization, through the creation of this webpage, hopes to provide an easy and convenient forum to increase transparency about the operation and governance of our member's interests.

This is our community, we live here, we own valuable properties that support our families and provide revenue to our community. The appropriate role of the government is to collaborate with STR owners and STRAA members and encourage us to continue to perform our duties as STR operators.  We want to balance all interests and seek workable solutions to issues and disputes that arise.  The focus of the government should be to resolve problems and be responsive to the STR homeowners and the public.

Please register as a Member or sign in as a Visitor, give us your feedback, good and bad, and help us achieve our goal of improving communication with one another and with the government that seeks to control our lives.

To sign In as a visitor or to register as a Short Term Rental Advocates Association homeowner "Click" on the appropriate link on the upper right-hand corner of this website page. Or you can obtain access to the STRAA website by emailing [email protected], provide us with your name and email and we will send you an invitation.  Only STRAA members can access the locked members' list on the site but everyone can read all the publications and comments from STRAA members.   Just log in and contribute, your opinion matters. 

All information provided will be used only for STRAA improvement purposes, no advertising or other uses will be permitted.  If you want your information to be invisible in the Directory, please let us know. You can still view content but your ability to comment may be limited.

Thank You

If you would like to discuss your participation, have suggestions or comments, you can contact the creator of the website directly at the email address below/ 

Joe Romano, [email protected] or [email protected]

end us your email address and we will send you an invite to join us. 

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